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There’s A Hole In My Soul;
Songs for The Demon’s Lexicon Trilogy

Incantation~Loreena McKennitt//Human~Daughter//God’s Gonna Cut You Down~Johnny Cash//In the Sea~Ingrid Michaelson//Glory and Gore~Lorde//The Ruler and The Killer~Kid Cudi
//Night Terror~Laura Marling//C’est La Vie~Vanessa Carlton//Take Me to the Riot~Stars//I Just Love You More~Kate Nash//Help, I’m Alive~Metric//Flaws~Bastille



✰ SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS ✰ there’s going to come a day when you feel better, you’ll rise up free and easy on that day [ a mix of songs that will help you relax, for kasheka ]

001. up the wolves // the mountain goats 002. divorce and the american south // aaron west & the roaring twenties 003. such great heights // iron & wine 004. communist daughter // neutral milk hotel 005. inside the sky // jon walker 006. casimir pulaski day // sufjan stevens 007. i’ll be anything // flatsound 008. on your porch // the format 009. it’s only your life // kevin devine 010. lua // bright eyes 011. upward over the mountain // iron & wine 012. two headed boy pt 2 // neutral milk hotel 013. to see you alive // flatsound 014. going to georgia // the mountain goats

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